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About Me

Sally Fairchild

In my twenties, I married and wrote articles for a Seattle community newspaper, The Capitol Hill Times, about college life, baking my first apple pie, and the joy of owning cats. By my thirties, I had three children and had left the beaches of Kailua, Hawaii for the mountains of Denver, Colorado and part-ownership of a German delicatessen.

As the wife of a frequently transferred executive, moving companies were like family by the time I arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada. Months later, my family and I resettled in Scottsdale, Arizona where I sold luxury condominiums for a leading Arizona developer. But it wasn’t until I arrived on Long Island’s North Shore and met author Barbara Bretton that I decided to pursue writing as a career. At least, I reasoned, typewriters were portable.

Soon I found myself in Miami where I immediately founded a Romance Writers of America chapter known as Florida Romance Writers, Inc. and served as president for the first several years. During this time, I wrote and sold two novels, BORN TO THE GAME and WHITE LIES (Ballantine Books.)

While continuing to write, I founded Booktalk (, a popular Internet site with information about the world of publishing including home pages of twenty well-known authors. Booktalk averaged thousands of monthly visitors during this time. I  also assisted many authors with their own book promotions —both on the Internet and through direct mail presentations.  (But times have now changed, especially with the popularity of ebooks.)

As the wife of former cruise line executive for two major cruise lines , I brought my own personal knowledge and experiences to the Mira Books’ novel, PORTS OF CALL. “My favorite vacation is a cruise,” I often told friends.  “A cruise offers many ports of call and shore excursions but you only need to unpack once!!”

Abruptly widowed and with an “empty nest,” I struggled to find a new “home.” After being with my husband for over 40 years, it was a time for exploring new directions, both professional and personal, including where to live. I moved frequently over the years before finally (hopefully) feeling settled.

Sidelined due to the pandemic, I’m now concentrating on many “open loop” projects, including a return to writing. Follow along on these pages as I work to complete many unfinished projects, including a work-in-progress novel, and share the sometime simple pleasures that bring me joy.