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Fairchild Fudge

This recipe has been handed down from one generation to another in our family. 

Boil until mix forms a soft ball in cold water:
2 cups white sugar
 3/4 cup milk
5 T corn syrup (white)
1 – 2 dark baking chocolate

Remove and drop 1/8 lb butter or margarine on top. 

Let cool somewhat, then begin stirring. When it thickens slightly add 1/2 to 1 cup chopped walnuts & 1 teaspoon vanilla.

When ready pour into a greased baking pan to cool.


Now, my younger sister, Shirley, has carried on the holiday tradition of making the “Fairchild Fudge” every year.  She gifts many with tubs of her fudge every year and it is lethal to one’s diet as one piece is never enough!  My grandparent’s lived in California and loaded their fudge and divinity with lots of walnuts so Shirley continues their example.

However, she has adapted it and it’s a secret.

I don’t exactly know her secret but I do know she buys a lot of Marshmellow Fluff!

I found the Marshmellow Fluff No Fail Fudge recipe online and suspect this is similar to what my sister now uses (but not sure as her lips are sealed!)  This looks delicous so I might even give this a try this holiday season.  If so, I’ll let you know.

Here’s a photo of one of my sister’s batches.  (I’m drooling somewhere in the background!)

Isn’t this tempting?




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