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Ruby aka Rat Baby

My lucky day!

Shirley, my sister, and I stopped at a local cafe in Cle Elum, Washington for breakfast one morning.  Shirley is a regular there and is well known to everyone.  As soon as we seated ourselves, the waitress (Cathy) came up with a coffee pot and, while pouring explained that a customer was out in the parking lot with a puppy who needed a home.  She asked if we knew anyone who wanted a dog.  

Shirley and I looked at each other and almost asked at the same time, “What kind?”

Before we knew it, Cathy brought a lady to our booth with a tiny female rat terrier, about 9 weeks old.  The woman was traveling back to Wisconsin with her ill husband and the puppy’s mother and father.  She wanted to find a home for the puppy before leaving.  She handed me the puppy and I tucked her under my coat and she was so sweet.  Very quiet but alert.  After a few minutes, I felt she was mine.

Lots of laughter and adventures since that day!

Ruby just had her fifth birthday.  She’s been a source of joy from the very beginning of our journey together.  Actually she’s crossed the country and even returned to her home state of Wisconsin for a few days.  She gets along with everyone, including my son’s much larger dogs.  She thinks she’s the boss and isn’t challenged!  

Am I a proud parent?

I looked for a few pictures to share and couldn’t stop!  Reminded me of those parents who flip open photo books of their children.  Only mine are all grown and I’m now the parent of a four-legged “child.”  Speaking as a widow, I advise everyone to get a pet.  Ruby gets me out walking and going places I’d likely never explore otherwise.  Plus she makes me smile or laugh daily and then there are moments when she’s simply a comfort.


If you’ve gotten this far, I should mention that choosing a name was the hardest part! We’d had a family pet for years called Little Rudi so Ruby seemed like a fit to me. My niece favored Rat Baby (and still does) whereas my son, Erich, calls her Diner Dog, although he’s never met her!


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