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Wedding Dress Draft

Then: about 20 years ago

Caught an interesting segment on TV this morning.  One of the hosts designed a wedding dress for a friend.  She sketched two dresses, and showed the bride-tp-be the designs along with swatches of fabric choices.  Based on feedback from the bride-to-be, one design was modified and then this dress was sewn as a preliminary sample for fittings and more alterations.

This sample was sewn in muslin.

The cheapest ad most economical fabric possible.

This muslin sample was then used a a preliminary model for adjustments and modifications before being sewn in luxurious and costly fabric.

I determined to trick my Virgo mindset into thinking of my current novel as the muslin version.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I have time to tweak and fiddle and delete and add.

Just later.

No more polishing and re-reading and fretting, before moving on to the next scene or chapter.  I’ll do this when the muslin draft is completed.

Now as I write, I picture in my mind the image of that beautiful wedding dress made first in muslin.


I’m still trying to think this way.  Right now my goal it to finish a draft of my current WIP so will let you know hot this works out. Hopefully as beautiful as a finished wedding dress!

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