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SUNDAY PAPER: Then and Now

Then: about 20 years ago.

The best part of Sunday is getting up and grabbing my coffee along with the Sunday paper.  I used to read two papers a day but it just got to be too much so these days I limit myself to the Sunday edition of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.

Besides the ads for sales at my favorite stores and entertainment section with book reviews and bestseller lists, I can catch up on winning and losing football teams, especially at the college level. I’ve been a University of Miami Hurricane fan for the past twenty years.  And sometimes—but certainly not at the moment—I’m interested in the Miami Dolphins.

So even though I’m sipping coffee—all relaxed and simply in the moment, I invariably reach for a pair of scissors and start clipping. It’s amazing how many ideas for novels or characters come from reading this thick paper once a week. In particular, this week I found a terrific article titled, “Polo clubs changing to win more fans.”

Several of the polo clubs in my area are undergoing extensive renovation and at least one will now offer evening polo on a lighted playing field. Since one of my main characters is the captain of a polo team, this info was invaluable.

I have several boxes of such clippings that I frequently sort through when I’m looking for inspiration. You can be sure I’ll attend at least one of these evening matches this winter. (The polo season in Palm Beach county runs from about late November through April.)

Recently several of the boards I’m active on discussed a writer’s fear and anxieties with much back-and-forth input for both unpublished and published writers with solutions and accounts of personal experiences.  One member summed up the past weeks posts with this observation.

“The bottom line I’m hearing is to just do it and not stress out over things: to trust your inner creativity and talents.”

I agree.


No more Sunday paper for me.  Hard to believe as I used to look forward to reading it every Sunday.  How time changes things….

I still have a few boxes of saved research material, including clippings and articles of interest.  But I really try now to be very selective about adding anything new as storage is an issue.

I’m considering using a word-processing program called Scrivener to organize my notes, documents and images which seems like a more organized way today to write.  But it’s one more thing to learn!

But meanwhile I’m focused on my current writing project.

(More to come about this work-in-progress!)



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