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Wedding Dress Draft

Then: about 20 years ago Caught an interesting segment on TV this morning.  One of the hosts designed a wedding dress for a friend.  She sketched two dresses, and showed the bride-tp-be the designs along with swatches of fabric choices.  Based on feedback from the bride-to-be, one design was modified and then this dress was […]

Finding Emotion: Then and Now

Then: about 20 years ago Spotted a nice, quiet nook at my local library today.  Plan to keep it in mind as a possible creative escape spot for myself. Great article in the new Writers Digest about putting emotion into your writing. Lots of good tips including writing your heart out in the initial draft […]

Slice of Life

Then and Now  “It isn’t as if she’s in love with him.” I paused, fingers poised on my laptop keyboard and mentally rewound the words I’d overheard spoken at a nearby table.  I couldn’t possibly have heard correctly, could I? I’d settled in so nicely at the café in my neighborhood book store for some […]

Daily Habits: Then and Now

Then: about 20 years ago. Keeping on a writing schedule, like a diet, is doubly difficult during the holidays, especially when part of the season you’re on vacation in another part of the country.  I’m told that on average people gain about 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Normal stringent eating habits erode when […]

State of Mind

Then . . .  After a hectic week, I ducked into my local bookstore, collected books and magazines and then ordered my favorite breve with a shot of hazelnut in the café.  (I’d spent a lot of time in the Seattle area recently and picked up this coffee addiction!) This past week I accomplished a […]