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Love to Read

Do you, like me, love to read?

I was just a child when I discovered books and I’ve never lost my love for them.  Whole new worlds opened for me.  I especially loved any book about horses: Black Beauty, My Friend Flicka and Thunderhead.  Later, on my way home from school, I would stop at the library and read historical novels.  I had a wonderful history teacher and he introduced me to the classics like QuoVadis and The Last Days of Pompeii.

Then I was turned on by Ayn Rand.

My late husband worked for a company that had our family in a different state almost every two years.  In Arizona, I found a little cottage stuffed with used books.  There I found Harlequin books and started devouring them, especially Harlequin Presents. I still have some of those books!  I have collections by Michelle Reid, Anne Mather, Lynne Graham, Robyn Donald and many more.  Another author I admire is Margaret Way.  She writes various genres (romance, Harlequin Presents , etc) but all set in Australia.  Her writing is so descriptive that I feel I journey there with every book.

In recent years, I’ve begun the process of downsizing.  My youngest son, who sometimes offers to assist me (Ha!  I’m being kind as he can’t wait to totally declutter my house!)  He feels books should be the first thing to go.  Once we got into a rather heated discussion about some boxes of books.

Frustrated, I confessed, “But they are my friends!”

The family had just moved to Long Island,New York and I took the kids to a play group.  There I met a woman who told me her friend had just sold a book to Harlequin.  Thinking of the many I’d read in Arizona, I immediately thought, I can do that!

The friend was author Barbara Bretton. We later met and she became my first writing mentor!

More about my story later. Due to Covid, I’ve discovered some new authors which is always such a treat. I’ll be sharing authors and books I’ve enjoyed in the hopes you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!  You can check out some of them here!