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Born to the Game


To the astonishment of European high society, Lara Barclay, the international beauty celebrated for her regal elegance and daredevil exploits, broke her engagement to the eminently desirable Duke de Verona. Rejecting the leisurely life of luxury to which she had been born.  Lara returned to the United States to pursue an even more exclusive career, previously forbidden to women, in the thrilling sport of high goal polo.


Having long-ago decided that love must never be allowed to interfere with her plans, Lara is stunned by the overwhelming attraction she feels for Mack Landon, the powerful team owner whose rebellious streak matches her own. But Mack, as fierce as his is handsome, is the greatest obstacle blocking her entrée to the men’s team and Lara is prepared to defend her talents—and her heart—equally fiercely against him.

Entwined in a confusing web of passion and distrust that clouds her relationship with Mack, Lara must win his respect—or lose her chance for success both on the polo field and in love.


“Do you often play for Longmont?” Mack paused, watching Lara tuck a stray tendril of hair neatly behind an ear.

“No.” She felt unaccountably nervous. “I play regularly on a women’s team.  And anywhere else another player is needed.”

“Like it?”

“Love it.  It’s exhilarating to lean from a saddle, race at thirty miles an hour, and crack a three-inch ball between the goal posts. I play for the thrill of it.”

“I know. Once you’ve played, you’re hooked for life.”

He dangled his helmet from one hand as they talked. Lara noted the gold-tipped hair on his chest, exposed by the deep V of his knit shirt crowded her mind. A slight smile began to stretch across his face, telling her that he was aware of her interest.

“That’s a bad habit,” he admonished.


“The way you’re looking at me. I feel like a horse at a Fasig-Tipton sale that you’re bent on acquiring.”

Lara narrowed her eyes at his arrogance. “Well, in that case, it’s a habit I definitely intend to correct.” She glanced away, sensing his quickened interest.

“But if I were for sale”—he watched her intently—“would you buy?”

“No.” She deliberately scanned his lean body with a feigned boldness. “I couldn’t afford your price.”

He laughed. “Don’t sound too sure. I have a feeling you might be able to afford me after all.”

  • ISBN-13 : 978-0804103206
  • ISBN-10 : 0804103208
  • Publisher : Ballantine / Ivy Books (July 12, 1988)

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