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Hooked on Shopping!

Covid-19 has made me an online shopper!

Instead of “window shopping” / browsing at TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Dillards, I find my new life as a “Sheltering Senior” (ha!) has made me a fan of online shopping, in particular Amazon.  It’s amazing how much I can find and actually saves so much time.  Now I’m not sure why I didn’t shop online more and will likely do so in the future.  How about you?  Since I’m an Amazon  Prime  member the free shipping aspect also has great appeal.

But  most of my purchases are books.  Not that I don’t have enough as it is and I’ve been busy rereading many favorites.  But I’ve bought more for my Kindle than ever before.  I’ve also found that I find new authors and their books due to Facebook sponsored ads, many for $.99.  Or, with many of my already favorite authors, newly released books as I normally prefer a book over an ebook.

Long Range by C J Boxx was great. Couldn’t wait to finish! Joe Pickett is one of my all time favorite characters.

Kathleen Brooks is an author I discovered recently and have read many of the books she’s written. Whispered Lies is book #1 in Kathleen Brooks Web of Lies series and got me so hooked I’ve read them all and then graduated to many of her other series. It’s always so exciting to discover a new author!

If you like books about hockey players, then don’t miss reading The Penalty Box by Odette Stone. I’ve read every one of her books now and absolutely will now buy anything she writes and can’t wait for her next book!

New from Sandra Brown is Thick as Thieves. I’ve been a Sandra Brown fan for too many years to count and all of her books are “keepers” for me. I pre-ordered this newest book and it was a birthday treat to myself.

Another new author discovery is Melinda Leigh! See Her Die was just released and an auto buy for me. I’ve got both the audio and ebook but haven’t read yet. Saving for just the right moment when I have no disruptions as once I start reading one of her books I don’t want to be disturbed for anything!

Perhaps the best for last is The Takeover by T L Swan. There were so many moments when I laughed out loud at the antics when a billionaire bachelor becomes fascinated by a woman with three children, who aren’t at all fascinated by him! This is book #2 in the Miles High series. The Stopover is book #1 and I enjoyed it too.

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