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Sewing Project

After all these years, I’m finally sewing!

The long and short of this story is that many years ago, I lived on Oahu in Hawaii.  I did a lot of sewing, especially muumuus!  But I did also make a purse from a Simplicity pattern in a dark green quilted material and lined it with a pretty print.  I used the purse often and got lots of compliments.  Since–in my mind (which is always racing far ahead of what I can actually accomplish) I planned to make more, I purchased the required wooden handles.  Eventually, after moves to many states, the handles remained in the same bin with lots of other sewing material, including the Simplicity pattern.

Say what?  Downsizing?

For some reason, during multiple moves which all required sorting through “stuff”, my youngest son fixated on the purse handles.  Why are you keeping them?    You’re never going to use them.  Get rid of them. 

In the beginning, these darn purse handles were the basis of an argument, and the word hoarder was even mentioned.  Well time passed and I did eventually drastically downsize but still kept the handles.  I just wasn’t ready to put aside the dream of making a purse like the one I’d enjoyed so much.  I know it all sounds a bit silly and my son and I have often laughed about these purse handles whenever we talk about my clinging to possessions.  But what he doesn’t realize is that it’s now hard to find handles like these, much less the same pattern, which I’d also managed to keep.

And then came Covid . . .

I had purchased a new sewing machine (still in the box months later!) and decided that quarantining was the perfect time to finally make a purse.  A friend, author Carla Neggers, calls projects like these “open loops” and I agree.  So I got out the handles and pattern and then had the bright idea (so I reasoned) to buy some light weight throw quilts I saw advertised online.  So I ordered two and decided to make two styles: bag view 5, like the original, and bag view 4.  Here’s my choices:

Initially I thought the reverse side of the quilt would be the lining, but once I started I realized I needed a second fabric for the lining. Being resourceful (ha!) I used some pillowcases for the lining. Worked fine. But the major obstacle was that the purse handle for bag 5 seemed too small for the bulky fabric. I like a shoulder bag and I decided I wouldn’t be able to comfortably carry the bag on my shoulder. So I ordered new handles on Amazon!

So problem solved, yet not solved. Will post the finished results soon!

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