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Hello!  It’s nearly the middle of 2022 and I’m still working on projects carrying over from last year! 

The good news is that I’m learning new things and seem constantly busy, although some would say Not. I’m did complete an author’s new website, one I’ve worked on for many years but we’re going with an entirely new look for this new one.  It’s also meant learning new methods of working.  I like having to stretch how I think and keep up with progress but it still adds more time to a project due to my learning curve.

So time seems to go so quickly and yet projects not so fast.  The book is still in the thinking stages (although I have about 8 chapters) but several new work projects are consuming me.  They due dates so once completed for the author/client then I’ll transfer my focus to my own work.  Actually not “work” but book.  Thinking of completing it as work is not good.  Want the time I spend writing to be satisfying and joyful.  

So stay tuned.  Meantime, Happy Summer!

(Covid prompted me to update my author site and also expand on some topics and activities that I’m working on.

I’m finishing a novel, one I started awhile ago and vowed I would complete.  So far, I haven’t and this has weighed heavily upon me.  So I’m going to use this forum to update my progress.  I hope this works to keep me motivated!

I have several other of these “open loop” projects, although none as important as “the book!”  Sewing, baking and travel, especially road trips!

I sincerely hope you enjoy following along with me.)

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